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H David Edwards Biographical Information

Born to pioneering Pentecostal parents, David became aware at an early age of a call to preach. Following ordination and service in the denomination in which he had been raised, David served in pastorates in the United Kingdom before making his first visit to the USA in 1964. In the course of his itinerary he ministered at Elim Bible Institute and was then invited to join the faculty. Elim became his home for the rest of his life. His ministry at EBI was interrupted for only a brief period when he served as pastor of Islington Evangel Center in Toronto, Canada. David served in a number of roles at EBI before retiring as President in 1988. He continues to live on Elim’s campus and has never stopped speaking.

His willingness to listen to expressed doubts, acknowledged failures, hopeful aspirations heartbreaks and disappointments endeared him to students who either chose to visit or were called to his office. Articulate, searching, explanatory, investigative and inspiring his public ministry gained attention. He was a popular speaker at several national and international Pentecostal conferences and was invited to participate in papally-approved Catholic/Pentecostal Dialogue in Europe and the USA.

David and Mefus, his first acknowledged romantic involvement were married on July 21st, 1942 while he was serving as a commissioned officer in the British Army. They are the parents of three children, Ann, Kerry and Kayren, grandparents of eight and great-grandparents of an ever-increasing number.”

Elim Bible Institute

No one can fully understand the work of David Edwards without seeing it in the context of Elim Bible Institute. Through countless hours in the classroom teaching subjects such as Hermeneutics, Homiletics, and The Kingdom of God along with Chapel services and Sunday worship Brother Edwards has left his mark on the lives of his students and the many guests of Elim. A heart to know and to serve our Risen Savior is exemplified in the life and teaching of David Edwards and in the framework of the Elim experience.

It is impossible to communicate what Elim is to those who have never been there. To state that it is a Bible School that prepares pastors and missionaries to serve is only the beginning. Perhaps it is best stated that the staff and faculty simply facilitate a place where God can work in a very unique and individual way in the hearts and lives of those who pass through. It is a place where students can be molded into what they are meant to be, and a place to prepare them for their very specific and special purpose.

Many great people have stepped foot Elim’s holy campus and it is our privilege make available so many recordings from one such as David Edwards. It is our hope that you will be changed as a result of what you hear.

Dated Material

The content of the messages you will hear are timeless in nature, however, since some of these recordings date back nearly four decades, the music and references to current events are not. We understand that some listeners will appreciate the sounds and remembrances of the dated material and for that reason the recordings were left completely intact. For listeners too young to remember, you may consider the dated portions of the recordings a rare spiritual glimpse of the past.