Messages from the 1980’s

19800523 Romans 12:1

19800706 The Beatitudes Part I

19800817 The Beatitudes Part III

19800831 Matthew 11

19800927 Psalm 46

19801019 Galatians 6

19810315 Hidden Treasure

19820108 The Parable of the Pounds

19820521B Built on the Rock

19820829 Forsake and Flee

19820921 Romans 7:19

19830105 Why We Have the Week of Prayer

19850106 Mistaking Suppositions

19850421 Commended To God

19861228A Psalms 139

19851015 How To Read

19851105 The Early Years of Elim

19851123 God Knows

19860107 Isaiah 6

19860112 The Gospel According To His

19860302 I Give Thanks

19860408 Report From Africa

19860629 Good News From Psalms 51:11

19860706A Thus Saith The Lord

19861014A Spoiling the Enemy

19861216A Christians And Politics

19870203A A New Thing Pt 2

19870125 A New Thing

19870106C Prayer Should be Powerful

19870106 Opening Service For the Week of Prayer

19880704A THIS IS THAT

19870310A Women Of The New Testament

19870310B Spiritual Reproduction

19870331A The Gift Of Vision

19870705A Unite My Heart

19870830A Shaped By the Word

19870908 Presidents Chapel

19871208A An Endless Line Of Splendor

19880110C Spiritual Warfare

19880119A The Ideas Exchange

19880412A 10 Days After Easter

19880930A President Emeritus

Messages from the 1970’s

197307A Reign in Life Part I

197307B Reign in Life Part II

197307C Reign in Life Part III

197307D Reign in Life Part IV

197307E Reign in Life Part V

197307F Reign in Life Part VI

19701008A Be Ye Filled With the Spirit

19730710 He Reigned in Life Part I

19730710B Under God Part II

19740304A Change of Jacob

19741001 The Fig Leaf

19750704 Under God Part I

19750710B Under God Part II

19750831 Criteria for Success

19751010 Teach Us to Pray Part I

19751026 Teach Us to Pray Part II

19760111A Buried Talents

19760114A The Pastor and Elders Part I

19760114B The Pastor and Elders Part II

19760119A The Rock

19760119B Wealthy and Foolish

19760411 The Lord’s Battle

19760712 Joshua at Ephesus Part I

19760713A Joshua at Ephesus Part II

19761017 Cleaning House

19761031 Without Hindrance

19761114 Mission Completed

19761128 Blind Maccabeus

19770108 The Sin We All Need to Repent of

19770313 Alive After His Passion!

19770403 Thou Art. . .Thou Shalt Be

19770423A Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas

19770423C Except

19770515 Wine in the Jar

19770607 Faith of a Nobleman

19770626A Multiplied Loaves

19770717A Jesus Walking on the Water

19790121 Luke 18

19770903 Dimensions of Maturity

19770918 The Healing of the Blind Man

19771015 Today If You Hear His Voice.

19780106 Christ Died for Our Sins

19780212 Naaman’s Leprosy

19780307 How It Began

19780312 Opened Eyes, Blinded Eyes

19780430 The Lost Axe-head

19780702 The Pressure of Pain Part I

19780709 The Pressure of Pain Part II

19780903 Eternity

19781015 The Conflict Between Revelation & Experience

19781119 Jonah

19790121 Luke 18

19790211 Moved With Compassion

19790401 You’ve Got to be Somebody’s Fool

19790624 Matthew 5:6

19790708 Get a Move On

19790902 Memorials

19791028 The Great Commission

Messages from the 1960’s

Here are some of the oldest of his sermons.

318B The Crook of the Rod Part II

306 The Locusts Hath Eaten But I Will Restore

313 Anchors in the Storm

316 Do You Know Where You Are?

317 Physical Aspects of Marriage

318A The Crook of the Rod Part I

307 Boys and Girls, Birds and Bees

311 Love the Standard of Maturity

312 Lessons From Joshua

324 Preconceptions

376 Finding Your Adam and Eve

196905 Watch and Remember